My experience with Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human

Before reading

Going into this book, I already knew about the man, Dazai, and the unfortunate events he had to witness. A sad artist with parents that raised him in fear so he resorts to hedonism to get through life? Sounds like an autobiography to me. Mine, even. This is a book I've wanted to read for years. Before reading I have seen this anime which adapts No Longer Human in its first 4 episodes

I truly believe those 4 episodes are a perfect experience from start to finish. Yozo's despair is portrayed perfectly throughout his decent into madness. It was the first time I'd ever heard of that story. Everything about him is so relatable. Art kid, misunderstood by his peers, no real family, used by his friends and lovers. SO DAMN SAD. I remember the ending leaving the perfect void in my stomach. The pacing reminds me of Texhnolyze or Serial Experiments Lain, two of my favorites. 10/10.

as well as read this manga adaptation. I was pretty much looking for more of the same than the anime I just watched and I'm very satisfied I did. This was very crude and creepy at times. That one panel with the puzzle face, wow. And so beautiful. The double suicide scene is gutwrenching. Love it.

I didn't consume these in preparation for this readthrough, just neat adaptations I've experienced over the years and I love them both. I have no interest in Junji Ito's version of a manga adaptation, for I honestly don't really care for his craft all that much after my disappointment with Uzumaki. I recommend you check out Black Paradox, though. I'll get to Tomie one day.

Now then.

The first booklet.